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Bruno Stairlifts Take Up Less Space:

If stairs create a barrier to enjoying your home, a Bruno stairlift helps restore access, safety, and peace of mind. Family-owned, Bruno offers stairlift choices for every budget and space. The best-selling stair lift in America over the last 20 years, Bruno the standard for stairlift quality, design and safety. Your local Bruno dealer will help you choose a chairlift that’s right for you and provide professional, respectful installation and service.

Whether your staircase is straight or curved — inside or outside — Bruno offers a chairlift that matches your needs. With the tightest wall-to-rail fit and one of the smallest folded chair widths in the industry, no stair lift takes up less space than Bruno.

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Vertical Platform Lift

Secure access to your porch, deck or basement with a Bruno vertical platform lift for your home. People in scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs will enjoy a smooth, quiet ride from one level to another. Bruno wheelchair lifts offer access up to 14-feet.

Ramp vs Vertical Platform Lift:

If access is more than 24″ off grade, a vertical platform lift is usually the best option. Ramps require 12″ horizontal travel for every 1″ vertical travel. For example, a 36″ rise would require a 36′ ramp. Ramps take up significant space and can be fatiguing. A vertical platform lift is compact and automatically powered.

Inside or Outside?
Bruno vertical platform wheelchair lifts can be used outside or inside. Outside installations are so common that vertical platform lifts are often called “porch lifts” due to the common use of accessing porches or decks. Garages are a popular indoor installation of wheelchair lifts.

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